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       Zhongshan Guanghua underwear Co., Ltd. Is a large underwear enterprise specialized in producing, R & D, production, OEM, ODM in one. Specializing in the development, production and supply of international high-end brand underwear. Underwear supply chain system to build global integration.

       2007 to adjust the direction of development and ideas entered into a strategic alliance with the French Jolieprincess use to introduce the brand to expand the domestic market. And "Jolieprincess + Pafeier" successfully registered in China. Successful introduction of the HANJUEMA brand of men in 2008. France Jolieprincesse Underwear Co., Ltd.established in Hong Kong. To hire a Franch professional www.13476083904.comdesigner is responsible for planning and research and development of the domestic products of the brand. Domestic Marketing Center was established in Zhongshan headquarters, responsible for two major brands of "Jolieprincess" and "HANJUEMA " production and sales promotion in the Chinese market.

       Product Positioning: elegant, exotic, sexy, romantic and remarkable luxury. Pursuit of the romantic quality of life and fashion aristocratic women was born. Gradually the attitude of the second-tier brands into the market, fully embodies the Europe wind Learning, step by step to the line brands, ultimately playing a truly international famous brands.

       Production management: The company production base has a docking with the international high-end brand of production quality management system, strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management standard ISO 14001 international environmental management system as well as access to human rights in the United States BSCI certification. Is the line for many certification is one of the few enterprises.

       Sales channels: in the country mainly to the regional agency and franchising to join as brand development, unique and distinctive exotic products as well as high quality and elegant brand image, to regulate the marketing channels and distribution system science, forming a unique brand business culture in China''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s underwear industry .


      "Jolie Princesse" and "HANXUEMA" two big brands will be adhering to the" Agglutination and common prosperity, the pursuit of excellence"business philosophy, and strive to cater to the Chinese market, and give full play to the group advantage and the combined effects of forward-looking in the spiritual realm to the people the interpretation of "Jolieprincess","HANJUEMA "eternal brand of charm.